Marauder is the direct connection between its roster of international creative talent and North America’s leading media and music industry professionals.

The firm’s unique advantage comes from custom-creating services for each client’s specific needs, with the ability to combine media outreach, special events, and marketing strategies into every project it takes on.

A wide variety of artists and organizations work with Marauder including fine arts and economic development organizations; conferences and festivals; record labels from both established and emerging markets; music technology products; one-off events; and entirely self-funded artists. The firm positions its clients to grow by approaching each project with the dedication of a long-term partner.

Marauder both produces and promotes Independent Venue Week in the US, and works with A2IM, M for Montreal, and some of the most successful independent labels from around the world.




  • Press & radio outreach
  • Event production & showcase management
  • Project management
  • Facilitate professional networking opportunities
  • Cultural import strategy
  • Online ad campaign management
  • Media campaign management
  • Social media consultation
  • Identify & build local fan bases
  • Promotional materials design & development
  • Create authentic relationships with national & local media
  • Long-term project development





"Marauder has been of great assistance in Reeperbahn Festival's brand entry into the US, specifically the NYC market. The company's ability to cover various angles of media, as well as advise on the most important contacts within the creative industries, has certainly been useful. Marauder's contribution as a co-producer of our live events has helped towards the goal of making sure Reeperbahn Festival is seen as the European partner for US-based business in Europe."
—Alexander Schulz, founder of Reeperbahn Festival



"While Marauder’s key services are centered in the realm of media and marketing, this is a team that digs deep to deliver the full suite of support for artists breaking a new territory. Their strategic thinking and elasticity in an ever-changing musical landscape is second to none. Marauder understand what it takes to establish artists in the US and, what’s more, they take a holistic approach to ensure that bands are not only securing media attention, but they are building lasting relationships with every spoke of the industry wheel. Marauder has been absolutely pivotal in building our band’s momentum in the US and I take great pleasure in recommending them as some of the most hard-working, committed and dedicated team members you will ever encounter."
—Clara Iaccarino, MAKEbeLIVE Productions, All Our Exes Live in Texas artist manager